Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012

I feel a simultaneous aversion and aesthetic appreciation.  It really is very beautiful but with no snow, I’d been wistfully thinking that spring was just around the corner.  It almost didn’t matter that it wasn’t because my psyche felt it there.  Now there’s no pretending.  It really is mid-January.  The lazy paddle down the verdant and wildlife infested Cobb are a distant daydream. The kayaks are covered in snow and won’t be taking me anywhere.   I suppose I must remain present and entertain myself with my favorite winter sport – my pottery wheel.   

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pottery weekend

I think this is a link to a video - not sure if it will work.

The bottom to a casserole dish.  I made a video of throwing this piece.  I'll try to post it.  

The top to the above casserole dish.  

Batter bowl #1.  I made a batter bowl as my Yankee Swap Christmas gift this year and it got swapped (stolen) two times.  Both Jenika and Linda were quite disappointed to lose it so I thought maybe I'd make one for each of them.   

Batter bowl #2

Lisa's son, Josh, was unable to make it to our Christmas Eve celebration/yankee swap this year but asked his mom to be sure to bring home a piece of pottery for him.  I put out a table full of pottery each year and ask people to take whatever they'd like.  They are often not my best pieces - glazes didn't come out quite how I'd wanted them or the shape didn't turn out quite as I'd expected.  Anyway, Josh has a new apartment and I thought I'd make him a couple of cereal/soup bowls.  

This is the bottom part of a covered h'ors doeuvre plate.  I have a couple others of these and I use them quite a bit.    

Not sure how much I like this.  I think it's too tall.  We'll see how it looks after glazing. 

Serving bowl.  Maybe I'll make a cover for it.  I like my food to stay hot.