Thursday, May 16, 2013

Camp May 2013

I've always wanted to spend extended periods of time at camp, especially during the spring, but had never done so.  This year I decided it was going to happen.  I think I'm in my third week; I kinda lose track of time out here, even working 4 days a week.  It's an easy commute to work: not a single traffic light instead of the 10 traffic lights I encounter coming from Belgrade.  And it's only 15 minutes from the gym instead of the 45 to Belgrade.  I don't have a tv so I listen to a lot of MPBN (love In Tune By Ten!) but often just find myself listening to the peepers, loons, bullfrogs and other night creatures.

I like the simplicity of it:  Just one big room really so there's no space for a lot of extra "stuff."  I don't have a cook stove or oven so food prep is a little more primitive, using the grill, toaster oven, microwave, or crock pot.  Well not very primitive I guess.  But I make a crock pot chicken on Monday and have it all week on top of a garden salad, or a Greek salad, or cold with some avocados and tomatoes and sprinkled with oregano.  Sometimes I'll take a kayak paddle either before or after dinner, beat on my djembe for a while or just sit on the deck and read a book.

I do like having internet access here through my Samsung Galaxy.  I can do a little Facebook, post a blog and stay in touch through email.  I guess that's not exactly being a hermit but it's nice not hearing another human voice, other than on the radio, for 12+ hours at a time.

It was quite exhilarating coming home tonight after the gym, knowing I had 3 days here and being able to do anything I wanted.  My girlfriend Betty is coming tomorrow for a day or two.  We have tentative plans with a couple of other women to come out and try doing a drum circle.  If that doesn't materialize then we'll probably just go into Hallowell and listen to some music for a while.  Maybe we'll have a campfire but we're pretty low on firewood at the moment.

A Mother's Day plant from Rick


camp from the stream