Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New House - Maybe

We're planning to make an offer on this place tomorrow.  It's got a lot of what we've been looking for but is lacking some too.  It does have a huge two car garage but it's not attached and there's quite a bit of snow removal to do between the garage and the entryway to the house which is a downside.  Even though the house does have a second floor there are two bedrooms on the main floor so it fits our "one floor living" requirement if needed at some point.  It has great windows and is facing south so lots of sun.  It has room for a garden which was another requirement and it's only about 12 minutes to Hallowell and/or work for me.  Rick will have to drive fifty minutes to work each way but he drove from Gardiner for two years which was even farther.  

It needs some upgrades: new carpet or some kind of flooring in the main room and perhaps one or two bedrooms. Definitely needs some new paint colors on some walls.  I'm disappointed that my pottery studio will have to be in the basement but it's dry and doesn't smell so once I put down some cheap linoleum and some wall paint I think it'll be okay.  I'm hoping I can put the kiln in a closet just off the studio room so that will be an improvement, not having to take everything out to the garage to fire.  

A definite selling point is the one minute walk to the public beach which is tiny and I suspect is not heavily used. The beach is on Cobbossee Lake which connects to Cobbossee Stream where our camp is.  And it's probably just about 15 or 20 minutes drive to camp.  Or I suppose we could kayak to camp though it would require portaging over at least two dams and would probably take several hours.   

It's only about 1600 square feet so it's definitely downsizing which was a goal and will be a challenge to get rid of "stuff."  We'll get an inspection and if all goes well could probably be in it by sometime in June. Our plan is to get into that house before putting ours on the market though we may change our minds and decide to just go ahead and list ours before being completely in the new place.  Of course all of this is contingent on the owners accepting our offer . . .   

Here's the description:  Beautifully maintained cape style home near Cobbossee Lake. Desirable open-concept floor plan with vaulted ceilings provide a spacious main living area. Kitchen features gorgeous cabinets and tiled back splash. Walk to the lake!

UPDATE:  5/16/14 - we made the offer, it was accepted but the inspection revealed some issues with a very wet basement and a deck that really needs rebuilding, along with some other issues that made us decide against the property.  The search continues. . .