Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ice out

My co-worker, Chris R, and I drove up to Indian Island today - north of Bangor - to do a presentation to a group of Penobscots. Wonderful group, very interested and interesting, with great comments and questions. I hope they will stay in touch and come to the Legislature sometime to address some of our common ground issues. Afterwards we stopped by to visit Rose, an fascinating 70 year old woman who runs a food bank on the island.

When I got home I noticed the last of the ice on Long Pond had gone out. It had been sunny and in the 50s and the sun was glimmering off the lake. Finally, it feels like spring!!!

It's supposed to be in the mid 60s on Friday so Rick and I are planning to kayak.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Work, Mud, and Pottery.

I had a busy week at work training our new volunteer and preparing for public hearings on some . . . bills. I was trying to think of the right adjective for the bills we're working on; one that doesn't sound spiteful or defensive, or make me sound like a socialist or a bleeding heart. But maybe I am those things, or at least some of them, or maybe I truly feel that we're all connected and what's good for one person is good for everyone.

We all come from different places and we all have different needs and different abilities. But I think there's a special niche for each of us, some have a wider range than others, but if you find that niche, you'll be your most productive and beneficial to yourself and your family, community, world. So I like to think that the bills we're working on help people to find their niche. Often they've gotten off to a tough start or found themselves where they never expected to be; in either case, you don't just throw them to the wolves. We need to judge ourselves on how we treat our most vulnerable members of society.

So, a long week and another one coming up starting tomorrow. But the sun is shining for the first time all weekend and Rick and I played in our mud pit of a driveway, creating trenches in an attempt to drain off as much water as possible. I think we were mildly successful. Maybe after a few days of sun we'll be able to drive in again.

I brought home a new batch of pottery this week. I'm fairly pleased with the cups and I really like the footed plate in the center as well as the rectangular sushi plates.

We just started using a new glaze calledceladon froth that I really like. Check it out on the casserole dish (oops - very poor fitting cover) and pedestal dish below.