Wednesday, September 15, 2010


90210 – 4th day straight of hot humid – high 90’s. 

90310 – slept in till about 8, made coffee, puttered around in the kitchen – actually swept and washed the kitchen floor which feels like such a big chore in this house – perhaps because of the big kitchen, perhaps because even AFTER you wash the kitchen floor, it still looks dirty.  That’s another thing on the list that needs to be upgraded.  Maybe next year.  Anyway after washing the floor I sat in the shade on the deck for a few minutes, noticed there wasn’t a soul at the beach, so went down for a nice long swim.  So refreshing.  Came back and enjoyed my hammock swing for a while, reading and drying off in the warm breeze.  Last I knew we were supposed to get some high winds and some rain today as a result of Hurricane Earl.  The air is very heavy and there’s a gentle, almost imperceptible breeze.  I went out to camp yesterday morning on my way to work to secure things at the camp in case we get hit but as things look right now, it certainly doesn’t seem to be a problem. 

Rick had to go  up to campus for a while for meetings.  I guess we should take the kayaks off the car when he gets back.  I was kind of hoping to go over to the boat launch near Castle Island sometime this weekend for a paddle on the lower side of Long Pond.  I also need to change the kayak rack for Rick’s kayak to the new set we got that folds down, so that when there are no kayaks on the car I will be able to drive into the garage. 

Last Saturday we drove up to Bangor and had a wonderful time at the American Folks Festival.  Saw a wonderful jazz quartet from New Orleans – twice, an excellent bluegrass band – Linda Lay I think her name was with a banjo and mandolin player from a couple of rather well known bands.  Also Dale Watson from Austin.  Apparently Dale had asked Mark to tour Europe with him but Mark turned him down.  They would have kicked ass together I think.  We saw SandyT., Peaches, Pam and Jeff, and Chris and Bobbie (though they were a way off and we didn’t get to talk with them). Rick also saw a couple other faculty members from UMF there. 

On Sunday, Linda, Glen, Jared, and I all went up to Justin’s house and did a little makeover on his kitchen.  He has pretty limited cupboard space and was storing half his food and dishes on his countertops.  Was pretty messy.  Plus their sink had been back up for a few days and they were still in the process of catching up on the dishes. 

We brought a bunch of stuff with us cause we didn’t know what we’d want to do and ended up turning the closet in his dining room into a pantry where he was able to store most of his food, leaving plenty of cupboard space for his dishes.  I bought him a tall round table with fold down sides to use as a table/island in the kitchen.  Brought him a nice tablecloth to cover up his scarred up dining room table.  We put his tall skeleton candles back on the table afterwards to be sure it still had that Justin flare.  J

Keeley helped us quite a bit and she seemed pretty pleased with the result.