Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dVerse dSires

I was headed to my pottery wheel when I remembered it was dVerse poetry night
Oh no!  What am I to do? 
Poetry or Pottery?
I guess I could write an ode to my pottery
If I knew what an ode consisted of
A haiku perhaps
But I was already well beyond all syllabic limitation

I gaze at the glaze
The evil red chun creates
Havoc wherever it goes

Clay desires my hands
Oozing mud through my fingers
What shall I become

Pulling it upwards
Sensuous shaping into
A tulip vase p’haps? 

The best I can do in a pinch. 
Off to play with mud. 
Will check out some poetry postings in a bit. 
Love to all.

This poem written
for and contributed to
dVersePoets Open Link Night  Week 11

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love flowers

They greeted her with smiling faces
With all their prickly thorns and petals of love
She went about her evening chores
While the flowers sang their music

short and sweet
This poem contributed to
dVersePoets Open Link Week #10

Monday, September 19, 2011

Test The Glaze Firing

The witness cones on the far left are from the top shelf.  They are Cones 4, 5, and 6 and the two single ones are Cones 5.  Cones in the middle are also 4, 5, and 6.  You can see the 4 bent completely and the 5 just a little.  The cones on the right are all from the bottom shelf - again 4, 5, and 6, and the single one is a 5. But as you can see none of them really bent.   

These two pieces are both done in Celadon Froth.  There was no blistering but I need to make sure I hold it in the glaze long enough to get it thick.  You can see the blue is where it was double dipped and the brown is just a single dip.

Again, Celadon Froth - this was on the bottom shelf which only got to about Cone 4 but it came out nicely.  Even the Celadon Froth pieces on the top shelf came out fine - no blisters.  A great glaze!

This is red chun but it came out mostly grayish.  When not layered with other glazes it did not blister.  These were on the top shelf so it got hot enough and the glaze was plenty thick enough.  So maybe it got too hot or maybe it was too thick.  Gotta try to figure this one out because I love red chun when it works!

This is cappucino with the rim dipped in red chun.  This was on the top shelf and apparently got too hot because it's all blistered.  I think it's the cappucino that blistered because the pieces that were just done in chun and were on the top shelf didn't blister.

Another blistered cappucino and red chun.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Our eyes met across the crowded room
By the end of the look
We knew we’d be spending the night together
By the end of the night
We knew we’d be spending our lives together

The tumor laughed at our plans
Mocked our passion
Instead of ripping you from my arms
Leaving me sobbing and beaten

It took you bit by bit
Until in the end
Your death was my relief
And it was guilt that crushed me

And now I sit alone on our porch
The one you built for us to grow old upon
A bird call startles me out of my reverie
No doubt a mockingbird.

This poem contributed to
dVersePoets Open Link Week #9

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


They gave me the name before it was all the rage
A Crystal, mixed amongst  the more traditional Linda, Donald, William and Thomas of my siblings
What was its meaning
From what flight of fancy did it derive

I’m sure I was told but it wasn’t a definite thing
The story given, a little vague
Eyes that sparkled,
Something about a soul and the universe

A much better answer than
Your father’s great aunt
Though that gives you good strong roots
This leaves you hanging, gives you wings.

Amazingly I was 50 before a person gave me a crystal
A rough unpolished rock with multiple offshoots
Multi faceted in the truest sense of the word
He’d brought the crystal with him from his homeland

Not sure why until that moment he presented it to me
Wrapped in a silken Thai cloth
His Buddhism training and the time he spent as a monk
Taught him to trust his instincts

He talked about “old friends” as in previous lifetimes
In his broken English,
Trying to make me understand
The connection he felt between us

We’d known each other only a month
But we’d been Old Friends since the day we’d met
I’d felt it too; not in a romantic way
Though he was handsome and virile

But as two who had shared a life
Perhaps siblings or brothers in arms
He told me he meditated about it
Its energy, beauty and mystery

And it started me thinking
Crystal – multi faceted with many rough offshoots
Is that who I am?
It took my Old Friend and 50 years

This poem contributed to
dVersePoets Open Link Week #