Friday, January 1, 2016

Closing Down Camp 2015

Evidence camp was standing and in good shape when we closed it down in November 2015.  Just in case it burns down or floats away in a flood before we return in May.  

Holidays 2015

Ashley's first ever Christmas stocking

The aftermath

More aftermath
Rick's famous sausage and egg casserole and some monkey bread for Christmas breakfast
Christmas fireplace

Christmas morning - no snow - so much green!
It arrived a couple of days later though

The Bond boys (Jared, Chris, Justin, Tucker, Peter, and Jesse Bond) playing some Munchkins the night prior to the Bond family gathering at our house.

Pretty cardinal hanging out in the backyard on New Year's Day

Chilling with some Mimosas and having fun with one of my new Christmas gifts on New Year's Day 2016.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

So much to catch up on

I've been very lax in my journaling in the last 2 years.  I retired on December 3, 2015!!!  Wow!!!  It's a lovely sense of freedom and I'm so loving it.  It's only week two with a long winter ahead but I think I'm going to be grateful every day that I don't have to get up and head off to meet deadlines, schedules, obligations.  Maybe I'll throw some pots, maybe I'll sit by the fire and read, or maybe I'll discover a new recipe and try it out for dinner tonight.  There are so many possibilities and I'm free to choose my daily path.

My first week of retirement was consumed with planning and helping to  execute a surprise visit from Rick's son, daughter-in-law, and grandson from California.  He was quite surprised when they were here when he arrived home from work Wednesday night.

Hugh and Grampa playing with beer coasters

Hugh is a delight and a handful and I have to give his Grandma Josie big kudos for taking care of him while parents work.  Wow!

More to follow.

Adri reading to Hugh from a book I bought for his visit. He made her read it through three times in one sitting!  We got him a couple other books by the same Maine author and illustrator for Christmas.  

Jason and Rick playing banjos.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Camp October 2015

It turned out warm and sunny today so I decided to head out to camp and check on things as I hadn't been out for a couple of weeks.  I really like the drive down the dirt road into camp.  

I wanted to bring out a gift that Kurt had given us over the weekend at LCK to add to our Altar to the Universe.  

And now it sits atop our Altar to the Universe overlooking Cobbosseecontee Stream in West Gardiner, ME.  

It was such a gorgeous day, 70s despite being mid October, I decided to jump in the kayak and take a little paddle.  First I paddled upstream to the big rocks and then turned around and paddled downstream to explore the southwestern marsh.  I'm not surprised there were no ducks or geese around as I could hear gun shots off in the distance. They know to stay away during season.  

It's a little hard to video and paddle at the same time so I just tried to get up to speed a little and glide.  

We're starting to get a little color.

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac 2015

I like this photo Michelle took of me at Lowell Celebrates Kerouac.  

Enjoyed our 2015 trip to Lowell, MA for Lowell Celebrates Kerouac.  I'm not the biggest Kerouac fanatic but I like to support Rick's obsession, and I find the people and events very entertaining.  

This year we met several newer attendees, some of whom are members of the Kerouac FB page where we've interacted with them but had not met in person.  

Brian, frenetic, beer in hand, cigarette after cigarette. Hugely entertaining in small doses. The Winnepeg Wildman as noted by Kurt.

Phil and daughter Marin (like the county) skipping school for a pilgrimage to Lowell, Phil reading Shelley at the grave and daughter taking it all in, vacillating between interest, pride, and embarrassment.  

Roxanne, the English professor from Atlantic City, dances to the beat of her own drummer. Sometimes only Jack gets her.  Kicked ass as the chatterbox.

Ken, from somewhere, observant, smiling, loving his tribe.

Rosie, young and brave, from England, traveling on the cheap, like Jack would, finding acceptance, and the tribe rejoicing that Jack is being embraced by a new generation.  

Rick, moi, and Richard

I have to say the highlight of the weekend for me was the jazz and Kerouac readings at Unchartered Friday night.  Plus, David Amram did a 15 minutes version of Pull My Daisy with fabulous back up on keyboard, saxaphone, and bass.  Sweet!  I hope they continue to incorporate jazz into the LCK weekends.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early remodel at the new house

We decided we were confident enough in the sale of the Belgrade Lakes house going through that it was time to bring the rest of our furnishing home as we'd left some things there to give it a little staging.  I really wasn't sure where the little brown leather sofa was going to go though I had been contemplating putting it in front of the fireplace in what we were currently using as a dining area.  I really liked having the table there as we'd be able to enjoy the fireplace in the winter and have been able to get a nice view of the deck where we could observe the birds and critters. But I also liked the idea of a comfortable seating area near the fireplace.   

Plus we had this big kitchen area where we'd been planning to have an island built, much like the one we had at the lakehouse.  However, the table would fit in there, save us the money on the island, and allow us to make a seating area in front of the fireplace.

So that's what we did with just a little furniture moving.

The countertops are a little cluttered. I'd like to figure out a better placement for the microwave. I've got an idea that I need to think out.

But I think this seating area will be very comfy once we get the fireplace converted to propane and can enjoy a nice fire with the flip of a switch.

We definitely need to check in with Tim about building us a pottery shelf where this big blank wall is.  Plus, without an island, we really need the extra storage space.

Here's the new pottery shelf!