Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday on The Cobb

We took a paddle out on the Cobb on Saturday; a gorgeous sunny day in the 80s with a nice breeze.  Found this little guy right where we put the kayaks in.  He wasn't very timid; stayed right there until the kayak practically bumped him.

We have a bumper crop of water lillies on the stream this year.  As well as a large number of damsel flies - also not very timid.

It was a beautiful day to sit on the shady deck afterwards and enjoy the warm breeze.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camp renovations

Rick and I just finished painting the main room at camp and laying peel n stick tiles on the floor in the main room and the old porch area.  The sheetrock had been put up about 6 years ago.  A guy named David and my friend Tom had put it up and taped it and done some mudding but was badly in need of some finesse work.  My brother Bill had been staying out there the last three weeks and redid the mud and Jared went out and sanded.  So Monday I painted one wall and on Tuesday Rick and I finished painting and on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Rick finished the flooring.  

I had originally planned to get a darker color tile but when I got to the home store they didn't have what I was looking for so grabbed a "stone look" light color.  I wish I'd stuck to my original plan.  I don't like the white look for camp, plus it shows the dirt big time.  But it's staying and I'll get used to it.  We're kind of wondering whether we'll come back in the spring and find that it didn't survive well.  We'll see.  

We've got a bunch of trim work to do still.  Maybe during my vacation we can stay out there a few days and get that done.  Our handyman Todd is staying out there this coming weekend - Father's Day weekend.  He'd done some free work for us last summer and we'd offered to let him and his family use the camp in exchange.  They never got around to it last summer and now that he's built the deck, he's pretty psyched about a weekend there.  He'll be surprised to see all the work we've done.