Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Here are some pieces I made especially to use at Thanksgiving this year which I was hosting for the first time in many years.  A couple of serving bowls and a big platter.

 And here's a vase I made back in September but hadn't gotten around to glazing yet.

And here are the results.  The platter obviously cracked rather severely.  C'est la vie.  The others came out pretty nicely though.  I love the firebrick red and the others are all done in celadon froth.

And here we are all hard at work preparing dinner.  Justin mashing potatoes, Linda and Glen making gravy, me getting the ham out of the crockpot, and Rick carving the turkey.  Donnie's sitting back there supervising, I guess.
Paul, Linda, Jared, Chris, Justin, Glen, me, Rick, Donnie, and Cece. Bill took the photo. 
Me and sister, Linda.
Buttering my delicious yeast roll that Cece made.

The beautiful 24 pound turkey.

Brother Bill and Paul preparing the deviled eggs.
In all we had 11 people at the table.  We had invited our friend Robert Pangman but unfortunately he declined.  We played a few rousing games of Party Pictionary after dinner - always a fun time.   

Friday, November 2, 2012

November morning at camp

I woke to a soft fall morning on the stream; muted reds and yellows, a warm blue sky filled with wispy clouds; ground almost fully obscured by fallen leaves.  Slept soundly from 10:30 last night till 9:30 this morning.  I really needed a good night sleep after the conference yesterday that I’ve been planning since April.  Big success.  And a fun night out in Hallowell: dinner with Mary Sampson at Hatties while Katie serenaded us with some mellow tunes and then drinks and dancing at the grand reopening of Higher Grounds with Lisa, Tammy, Jen, Ellen, David, and Sue as Stevie and friends belted out the blues. 

I filled all the bird and squirrel feeders a little earlier this morning.  It always takes them a while to discover the food so I beat on my djembe to let them know I was here and sure enough, they arrived with haste.  I see a couple of red squirrels, some nuthatch and chickadees.  I’m sure the blue jays and woodpeckers will be along soon.  And of course, the ubiquitous crows. Not a huge variety this time of year, but once a food source is discovered they tend to hang around pretty regularly till it’s gone.  I spotted Edmund out exploring in the marsh this morning and was relieved because I hadn't seen him in several weeks.  An eagle soared out over the stream this morning too.  Thanks for visiting, Mom.  

Took this photo last weekend as the fog lifted slowly on a Saturday morning.

This guy was out in front of the camp paddling and fly fishing