Friday, November 15, 2013

My 60th Birthday

Rick threw me a surprise party for my birthday.  Wow!  If he’d asked me do I want a birthday party I would definitely have said no.  I’m glad he didn't ask.  What a fun time! 

I thought we were probably going into Hallowell to meet my sons for a nice birthday dinner . . . until he handed me a blindfold and said to put it on.  It suddenly occurred to me that this probably wasn't dinner. 

So I put on the blindfold and noticed we did a 180 degree turn and were headed back to Hallowell.  He accused me of peaking when I knew we were headed back to Hallowell but come on, aren’t people who are being kidnapped able to tell you how many lefts or rights you've taken and approximately how long you drove in each direction?  J 

Anyway, I was pretty disoriented once we stopped and he took my arm and guided me to a step and an open door where someone else took my other arm.  Then the happy birthday music started and when I removed my blindfold there were 50 of my favorite people in the whole world with great, sweet smiles.  How wonderful is that? 

Rick had hired two of my very favorite bands – not one but two!!! – and a photographer.  I’ll post photos when I get them.  My dear, wonderful, talented, and creative neighbor helped him pull everything together.  Thank you Chris!  Greta provided a drum head with her own beautiful creation on the back and space on the front for people to sign.  I’ll post a photo. 

Lots of wonderful music ensued, including a rendition of Old Flames by Rick, Woody, Richard, and Jane!   I think Alfred was on drums for that one, too.  Chris Rusnov and Deb Dunn and others danced away.  I joined in a few myself with Rick, Rose, Betty, Liz, Susie, Jordy, and others.  I had to laugh when Liz was amazed that I hadn't heard about the party because, she said, everyone in town knew about it!  Good job Hallowellians – and Rick!     


Saturday, November 9, 2013

60 - wow

I turned 60 last Monday.  Wow.  60 means old.  No convincing yourself that you’re still middle aged.  60 is old.  It was really old when I was younger and though it’s not nearly as old now, it’s still old.  But, damn, I really like being 60.  I know I could stop working tomorrow if I chose to do so.  I could collect enough Social Security retirement and pension to get by.  It might mean a smaller life – spending more time at home.  In summers doing gardening, winters pottery.  But I’d be in control of my time.     

On my drive to work earlier this week I watched an older woman walking from her mailbox with the newspaper and couldn't help but think how leisurely that felt at 8:00 a.m.   I was envious that on this showery November day one might choose to stay home by a nice fire and read the local paper, maybe do all the puzzles: Sudoku, jumble, cryptoquip, and crossword.   If the skies cleared she might go out later and do a little yard work, or maybe just stay in and get lost in a good novel.  

I’m hoping to be able to build a year round home on my property on Cobbossee Stream.  Summers always see a nice breeze, great kayaking, lots of wildlife to watch, and easy access.  Winters and spring are likely to have some access issues since there’s an almost mile long dirt road but I feel like it will be a challenge that could be rewarding to face.  Stock up, stay in, find your own entertainment.  I love that . . . as long as it doesn't last 6 months.  J 

I would like to think we could take an annual trip to California to visit Jason and Adri and maybe a side adventure to Sedona, San Franciso, Joshua Tree or such. 

I guess we’ll see . . .

But so far, 60 is good.