Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Celebrations 2011

Christmas Eve gathering for our Yankee Swap

Rick had been going on all night about how he was going to get #1 for the Yankee Swap and sure enough he did! 

Jared opening a bottle of Gray Goose Vodka.  Unfortunately it wasn't long before someone else traded him for it.  

Jenika was very happy to get the batter bowl I made, along with some pancake mix and real maple syrup.  
Unfortunately for her it got scoffed up, first by Linda and then later by Sara who was the final owner.  


Lisa with Chelsea and Justin looking on

Sara, Chris, and Donnie



Anytime Rick makes anything resembling a lap, Karma makes himself comfortable.

Christmas morning breakfast.

Monkey bread and egg and sausage casserole

Christmas morning breakfast

Emma enjoying her bed by the fireplace

A visit from Mom the day before Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mid December 2011

I've been really busy with work and trying to get a few pieces of pottery made before Christmas.  I was surprised that the tall vase below came out so nicely.  I'd glazed this piece quite some time ago and but the red chun I'd used on it was turning out gray on every other piece I'd done so I decided to dip this piece into the celadon blue (the color of most of the other pieces in this photo) figuring it might come out some color in between but lo and behold, the red chun came through beautifully!  
My small bounty from the most recent firing.  The red chun actually came out nice this time.  
On Wednesday, December 14th, in response to our idiot Governor's effort to cut 65,000 people off our state's Medicaid program, we helped to organize a rally at the State House.  Reports said over 500 people attended, many of them staying to testify afterwards.  

It was a hectic week working with folks on their testimony and trying to close cases and getting things wrapped up so that I could be gone for two weeks.  Rick sent me a nice bouquet of flowers on Tuesday. Thursday evening we went to The Liberal Cup and listened to Back Woods Road.  Rick came down and sang a couple of songs with them.  Tammy Trask joined us as well.  

I had planned to go out shopping on Friday but ended up staying home and throwing a couple of pots.  Went to Eddie's Christmas party for a bit and then to The Mad Dog in Gardiner to listen to Rick Dosedlo and Logan.  On Saturday we went out and bought our Christmas tree and hit a couple of stores.  I got home by mid afternoon and then just puttered until about two a.m. decorating and cleaning.  

Emmy had been acting pretty sick and not eating so I gave her the bed I'd bought for her for Christmas early and she lied close to the fire and seemed to feel better after a few hours.  She even ate some canned food and was back on dry food this morning.  

Overall a very nice start to my vacation.