Monday, August 7, 2017

August 2017 - stuff and plans

I had such a wonderful conversation with Christopher tonight.  He called me out of the blue and we talked about the concert he went to Saturday night - Alabama Shakes.  I told him that several of my friends - some who are my age; some 10 years younger, and some 10 years older, as well as himself, posted on FB about going to this concert.  So I pulled them up on my Google Music tonight and listened to them for an hour or so and loved what I heard!  He said it was an excellent concert and he caught a taxi home 10 minutes before the downpour hit Portland.  He also told me he's about to move into a new place in Portland with a friend and his fiance both of whom he really likes who recently purchased a home.  Cheaper rent and first floor room.  I'm really happy for him. Sounds like a great arrangement.

I haven't posted much since I noticed all the photos I've posted in the past couple of years or so have disappeared from this blog.  Damn technology!  Maybe some winter day when I have nothing better to do I'll try to figure it all out but I'm not holding my breath.  In the meantime . . .

We're planning a trip to Europe for this September.  From the 4th through the 28th.  This will be my first trip to Europe so I'm pretty psyched.  My brother lives in Lyon and Servagette, France and I figured in 10 days of free lodging accommodations to the trip.  I think this may turn out to be my favorite part. My brother and I butt heads sometimes but I've always thought of him as the cool little brother.  There's a Lucinda Williams song that has a lyric that says, "my brother knows where all the best bars are."  That's totally Bill and I think of him whenever I hear that song.  But at the same time, he's a very strong personality and we're not always on the same page.  But I can usually chill and go along with whatever for 10 days and probably be the better for it, so again, I'm pretty psyched.
 When I travel (which hasn't been all that much) I really like to get a feel of a place which I don't feel like you get at the tourist attractions (which I still want to see!!!) but when you can observe every day life.  You know, find a local cafe or bar where you find part of your tribe.  That's kinda what I'm hoping to find in Lyon.  

So the plan is:  4 nights in Paris; take a train to Lyon; 10 days with Bill and Fre between Lyon and Servagette; then a flight from Lyon to Venice and 5 nights on the Grand Canal; next a flight from Venice to Naples and 4 nights in Amalfi before returning to Naples for our flight back to Boston.

I've been reading some Donna Leone, Guido Brunetti detective series books that take place in Venice to get a feel for the city.  They're really building some excitement for me.  I need to find something similar for Paris to read.

It's an ambitious trip and I hope this old body holds up for it all.  I don't love flying but I do want to experience foreign locations so I'm hoping 3+ weeks isn't too much.  I'm sure I'll be happy to get home and that's a good thing too!

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