Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I came out to camp on Monday planning to spend a few nights solo as Rick is still working.  I had hoped to do a paddle on Monday but the winds were too strong and I didn't want to risk it.  But Tuesday the winds had died down and the temps were in the mid 60s so Betty came over and we did a little paddle.  Her shoulder had been bothering her so I left her soaking up some sun just beyond the bridge and got a little workout paddling down to where the stream narrows.  The last of the red winged blackbirds have left the northern marsh but there were several ducks still hanging around and I saw two or three heron flying and fishing along the shore.  I also saw one of the juvenile ospreys that hatched this year flying overhead a couple of times.  

October on the Cobb. Still a lot more color to come.

About half way back to camp we decided to give Eddie a call and invite him over to have dinner with us.  Betty had brought some sauteed venison from the deer she shot last year and we put it over some pasta and Eddie brought a nice bottle of wine to go with it all.

Tonight I met Rose down at The Depot in Gardiner for a drink and then Rick joined us for dinner at Pastaz.  Rose is here to drive her mom back to New Mexico to spend the winter with her.  She just got in this morning and will be leaving on Saturday so we won't get to spend much time together but I might try to catch up with her again tomorrow for a walk at Hobbit Land or later at The Depot again. I'd also like to get in another paddle tomorrow as it could be the last of the season for me.

Me, Rose, and Rick at Pastaz
The squirrels and birds have been very active at the feeders this week.  The flying squirrels have been coming at night but I haven't seen any skunks or raccoons.  Today I got what's probably my final propane delivery until spring.

I've been amazed at how many acorns there are this year!  I had to rake the lawn because it felt like walking on marbles everywhere.  We threw a couple in the camp fire we had last night and one kind of exploded, spreading sparks all around.  I was glad I hadn't thrown a lot of them in there given the drought conditions around much of the state.  I haven't had any problems with the well but we haven't spent lots of time out here either.  But so far, so good.

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